On retainer base Duitser is involved with the strategic positioning of sport sponsorships of brands wanting to be effective in their spending on a specific target market. Knowing the sporting landscape nationally very well from school to post-school and national competitions, Duitser has the experience and knowledge to not only position your brand at the right place and price but to also make the most of your involvement there. A sport sponsorship philosophy and strategy will be carved out and implemented with the company’s marketing team.

Duitser sat in so many sponsorship meetings where the sponsor didn’t know why they were sponsoring and didn’t know what they wanted to achieve from all the different platforms available. This lead directly to sponsors in some cases getting less than 50% of what they could have got out of the sponsorship, even after they were alluded to it. The strategic decision to sponsor more than expected is removed from the execution and that leads to loss of opportunities for sponsors.

Outsourcing this responsibility while you build your portfolio of sport sponsorships is a wise thing to do. More focus on companies with a smaller sponsorship budget, trying to get the same that their bigger opponents with bigger budgets are getting from their sport sponsorships. Assisting and advising the very entity you are sponsoring, to turn spectators into clients and change the entire customer experience.

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