Having managed up to 14 national competitions in a year, with the experience of the last 11 years, and the fact that Varsity Sports and Varsity Cup had increasing match day attendance almost every year, the experience of the total challenge regarding competition management is invaluable. Sport needs to be entertainment and marketed and managed as such. Many competitions are presented in South Africa, but few of them are done well and optimised. Decreasing numbers at all sporting codes are at the order of the day, and Duitser Bosman Sport believed this was due to the lack of attention to detail in the managing and marketing of competitions.

- Marketing
- Social Media
- In Stadium Management
- Logistics
- Finances
- Broadcasting
- Stakeholder Management
- Constitutions and legality

The competition’s strength can’t be left in the hands of the provinces or participating members to manage. The competition is an entity on its own and needs to be managed like that, just like we did with the Varsity Cup for 11 years. Beautiful school competitions will be turned on its head in the next few years. Watch this space. Take ownership of your own outcome and turn your spectators into clients.

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