Often considered “The world’s most affordable sport”, since it has a low barrier of entry with little to no expense required to participate, Cross Country has garnered more and more attention in the last decade. Cross Country, in association with Athletics South Africa, is a sporting code at which South Africa can excel and become a world leader. Running comes naturally to us, which makes it clear why all our unearthed talents are looking for a platform on which to be identified and developed to show the world what we have to offer. With more than 150 Cross Country event days across the width and breadth of our country, leading to 17 provincial championships and one ultimate National Championship, this healthy lifestyle product offers a fantastic opportunity for a partner to:

  • Reach people of all ages, races and genders in every corner of South Africa
  • Unlocking potential and giving hope
  • Using social media and television to carry the message

Sponsors and potential partners interested in getting involved and/or ‘owning’ the rise of Cross Country in South Africa at a rate of R 500k – R 6m (depending on their goals), can contact Duitser Bosman Sport in this regard.

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